General Meeting

The General Meeting of Shareholders is the highest decision-making body of Spinnova.

Annual General Meeting 2024

The Annual General Meeting was held on Tuesday 7 May 2024 at 4.00 p.m. (EEST) at Töölönlahdenkatu 2, 00100 Helsinki.

Spinnova’s General Meeting of the Shareholders is held at the Company’s domicile in Jyväskylä or in Helsinki, Espoo or Vantaa and is convened by the Board of Directors. The Annual General Meeting is held annually within six months of the end of the financial year. An Extraordinary General Meeting may be convened to discuss a specific matter when the Board of Directors deems it appropriate or when demanded in writing by the company’s auditor or by shareholders representing at least 10 per cent of all outstanding shares in the company .

The General Meeting of Shareholders decides on matters required by the Companies Act and the Articles of Association. The Annual General Meeting decides on the approval of the financial statements and the distribution of profit, the discharge from liability of the members of the Board of Directors and the CEO, and the election of the members of the Board of Directors and the auditor, and their remuneration. The competence of the Annual General Meeting also includes amending the Articles of Association, deciding on the purchase of the Company’s own shares, share issues and stock option programs, and authorizing the Board of Directors to decide on such.

If possible, the Annual General Meeting will be attended by the Board of Directors as a whole and any person nominated as a member of the Board for the first time.

Spinnova publishes the minutes of the Annual General Meeting on the Company’s website and keeps them available for at least five years.

Shareholders rights at the General Meeting

Spinnova has one series of shares and each share carries one vote at the General Meeting of Shareholders. At the General Meeting, all shareholders have the right to ask questions and propose resolutions on matters under consideration.

A shareholder has the right to participate in the Annual General Meeting if they have been entered as a shareholder in the Company’s shareholder register eight business days prior to the Annual General Meeting and if they have notified the Company of their participation in the manner set out in the notice. The holder of nominee-registered shares also acquires the right to participate in the Annual General Meeting by temporarily registering in the Company’s shareholder register.

Shareholders’ Proposals for Issues to Be Addressed at the General Meeting

A shareholder has the right to have a matter falling within the competence of the general meeting under the Limited Liability Companies Act addressed by the general meeting and if (s)he demands it in writing by submitting a request addressed to the company’s Board of Directors by 18 February each year, or four weeks prior to the publication of the notice of the annual general meeting whichever date is later.

Such proposals can be submitted by e-mail to the following address: