Spinnova in brief


We are on a mission to transform the raw material base of the global textile ecosystem with our technology. We innovate and engineer the most sustainable textile fibre in the world, and we do this for the benefit of the planet, because that is what matters most.

2023 was the year of finalizing the successful technology delivery to Woodspin

Woodspin is Spinnova’s and the world’s largest pulp producer Suzano’s joint venture. In May 2023, Woodspin’s factory in Jyväskylä, Finland celebrated its official opening. Read more from Annual Review page 7.

Introducing Spinnova’s CEO Tuomas Oijala

Spinnova’s new CEO Tuomas Oijala was appointed in August, and started in December. Read the introduction of Tuomas Oijala from the Annual Review page 10.

The textile fibre market needs natural fibre alternatives

Spinnova’s technology addresses the global textile fibre market, which size was approximately 116 million tonnes in 2022, up from 112 million tonnes in 2021. Read more about our market and the market opportunity on Annual Review page 14.

Spinnova’s updated strategy focuses on technology sales

Spinnova published its updated strategy and strategy targets on 14 March 2024. Spinnova’s business is driven by the megatrends: Natural fibre gap, climate crisis and waste problem and lack of recycling. Spinnova focuses on selling its unique SPINNOVA® fibre production technology. Read more on Annual Review page 16.

Spinnova unveiled sustainable denim at Kingpins trade show

Spinnova presented the first blended denim fabrics made with SPINNOVA® fibre and cotton at the Kingpins denim trade show in Amsterdam in October 2023. Read more on Annual Review page 25.


Spinnova’s sustainability approach

Key themes

Passionately innovative

Groundbreaking innovation is in the DNA of the company. We test and learn to ensure the biggest possible impact. 

Climate champion

Spinnova is a pro-climate company: from raw materials and production to the behaviour we encourage in all our stakeholders. Our technology enables textile fibre production with low carbon emissions and climate benefits. 

Naturally circular

Spinnova applies circular principles that go way beyond recycling – both in own operations and value chain. We encourage our partners to join us in the transition to a circular economy. 


Ethics & integrity

Business ethics and compliance


Occupational health and safety, employee wellbeing and development, as well as local communities.

Value chain

Responsible value chain, biodiversity and land use, as well as product safety and quality.