As a result of our strategy review, we are focusing our efforts on technology sales

Technology sales

Spinnova focuses on technology sales and delivering the technology together with its partners. Technology sales will be targeted at where it creates the most value, with upstream raw material partners or downstream textile manufacturers.

Technology development

Spinnova continues its development efforts on advancing the use of various raw materials while reducing production cost and CAPEX per tonne.

Fibre market development

SPINNOVA® fibre is a novel fibre which we are developing into a mass market product. Spinnova will participate in market development to promote fibre adoption in the value chain together with retail brands and their supply chain partners. Spinnova has an ingredient brand strategy which creates value for Spinnova’s technology customers.

Focus on cash generation

Spinnova’s updated strategy aims to lead to positive cash flows and EBIT without the need for additional funding. The cash runway is expected to be lengthened through a cost savings program, including aligning the organization to ensure effective strategy execution.

Fibre from wood, leather waste, agricultural and textile waste

Technology delivered together with global partnership network

Strategy targets

SPINNOVA® fibre is a novel fibre with a strong value proposition for the textile industry