Spinnova’s largest shareholders

Spinnova’s largest shareholder is Suzano S.A, with a holding of 19.14 percent (9,808,530 shares as of 30 June 2022). Lenzing AG has a holding of 4.68 percent (2,400,000 shares as of 24 June 2021). Pursuant to its cornerstone investment undertaking in the initial public offering, adidas B.V has a holding of 0.77 per cent and pursuant its approved subscription commitment, ECCO Holding A/S has a holding of 0.77 per cent in Spinnova immediately after the initial public offering on 24 June 2021. 

The table below does not include nominee-registered shareholders and therefore Suzano S.A, Lenzing AG, adidas B.V and ECCO Holding A/S and other nominee registered shareholders do not appear in this list. The list of major registered shareholders is updated monthly.

The Company’s Articles of Association contain an obligation for its shareholders to notify the Company if such shareholder’s share of voting rights in the Company reach, exceed or decrease below 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, 30%, 50%, 2/3 and 90% of the total voting rights of the Company. Please send flagging notifications, addressed to the company, to