Composition of the Shareholders’ Nomination Board of Spinnova Plc

In accordance with the Charter of Spinnova Plc’s Shareholders’ Nomination Board, as approved by the company’s Annual General Meeting held on 10 May 2021, the following members have been nominated to the company’s Nomination Board:

The Nomination Board has four (4) members. Three (3) of those members are representatives appointed by the three largest shareholders, and one (1) member is a board member appointed by the Company’s Board of Directors from amongst themselves.

The company’s largest shareholders entitled to appoint members to the Nomination Board shall be determined annually on the basis of the registered holdings in the company’s shareholders’ register held by Euroclear Finland Ltd as of the first weekday in September in the year concerned, or on the basis of separate shareholding information presented by nominee registered shareholders. The representative of the largest shareholder will be appointed as the Chair of the Nomination Board, unless the members of the Nomination Board unanimously decide otherwise.

The Nomination Board of Spinnova Plc is responsible for preparing proposals to upcoming annual general meetings and, where necessary, to any extraordinary general meetings, concerning the election and remuneration of the members of the Board of Directors and the remuneration of board committee members. The Nomination Board is also responsible for ensuring that the Board of Directors and its members have a sufficient level of knowledge and experience that corresponds to the needs of the Company.

More information on the Shareholders’ Nomination Board of Spinnova plc and its Charter is available on the company’s investor website at